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Custom designs of all kinds,  Loose and mounted fine diamonds & gemstones, repairs, restorations, and more. We also purchase gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds. We're ready to manufacture, your dream piece of custom jewelry!

Keswick Jewelers, Inc. - Jewelry Design | Glenside, PA


Originally established in 1946, Keswick Jewelers, Inc. is now under second-generation ownership. The store retains its original boutique charm, offering personalized, friendly services to every customer.

Our goal is to be different from all other competition, delivering quality products to all of our customers with genuine honesty, integrity, beauty and value.

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Your Custom Jewelry Design Center

We still manufacture many of the fine jewelry pieces that we sell, so that we can offer better values than pre-made, factory pieces do. We also offer catalogued acess to many of the latest design, factory produced karat gold jewelry available today. CEO, Michael Ruggieri,  personally hand selects all diamonds and gems that go into each piece to ensure the highest level of quality, and offer the consumer the best possible value. With years of expertise he will help guide you on your journey to find what you are looking for.


“My premise has always been to make each piece as if I was going to buy it myself. I never enjoyed having low quality merchandise in my inventory that I would be hesitant to sell. I don’t like having to force sell pieces that are inferior. I‘ve seen time and agian that better pieces sell themselves, eventually, so I invest in them.  I also do not like sloppy craftsmanship.  I  tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and at times might be a little  too critical.  That's why I choose the most hightly skilled artisans to do my custom work. I like it when the customer and the jewelry are a perfect match. It happens many times and it is very satisfying for my clients and for me."


The inventory at Keswick Jewelers, Inc. consists mostly of moderately priced, family style jewelry that meets the needs of the local community. Classic designs are the main focus, although anything is possible and some very cool, high fashion pieces have been designed and produced here. We do everything from watch battery and band installations to jewelry repair, restoration and high end, fine jewelry production.  


Mission Statement: To treat all customers with respect and dignity. To make customer satisfaction a top priority. To provide good value using the highest quality products available at fair prices. To make client's visions of dream pieces of jewelry become their  reality.  To give each customer a wish and blessing for their personal peace, health and prosperity.

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